SecurLOCK allows you to control your Morris Bank MasterCard with ease!




Control your card

Not shopping today? Or just looking for a little extra security? Turn your card off and any attempted transactions on your Morris Bank debit card will be denied! You can just turn it on when you need it.


Set controls based on location

Set up location based controls so your debit card cannot be used outside of an area you specify. Going on vacation? No problem. Change your location preferences to include where you will be traveling.


Set spend limits

Set up spend limits so your debit card rejects any transaction over a dollar amount you choose. Keep yourself on track with a budget! Or... control your kids from buying something you would have said "no" to.



You can even receive notifications when the card is used to effectively monitor spending.


It's easy to sign up! Visit the App Store or Android App on Google Pay to download the SecurLOCK app and register your card.


Click here to learn more about SecurLOCK.